32 oz Water Bottle: Navy & Green

    Hi Guys,

As you're reading this, I'm assuming you've already scrolled thru these four images and subconsciously picked one out of the bunch as your favorite. Which one is it? The comment section has been enabled; please feel free to share your opinion. I'd like to hear from you all, and I'm sure everyone else would as well. 

These images were taken by Tariq Abdellatif (@abdet100), sometime about a week ago within the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge. Tariq, a recent Portland State University graduate, has been a long-time supporter of the brand, and just recently reached out through email, offering his photography services. I suppose the reason I'm even writing this post, is because I really appreciated the way he went about it. He included a "media kit" page which offered a brief background of his experience and who he was as a photographer. It also included his social media stats, and general contact info. The second page was a well-written resumé, which honestly I didn't even bother reading. Most times, photographers that contact me, reach out through DM on Instagram. I have no problem with that! It's just oddly refreshing, and feels good when someone approaches the business with a bit more professionalism. It's the details that matter, and for whatever reason, that resonated well with me. 

After exchanging a few emails back and forth, he expressed being a big fan of the brand, and how he really wanted to take nature shots of certain products. He even said he would take photos for free to show his worthiness. I'm all for building long-term relationships. Whether that's retail buyers, customers of the brand, photographers, videographers, or personal friends. That's who I am, and if someone is willing to work for free to prove themselves, I'm going to give them a shot.

At this point, I could ramble on in several different directions. However, it's 1:46am on Friday the 13th. I think I've had enough for the night. You'll likely see more of his work in the near future. I do hope you like these photos, and most importantly these earthy-colored water bottles.